Credit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts
for your online business needs!
Accept Credit Cards on Your Web Site Today

Service - "So important, we made it our homepage."

  • Accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Diners Club®, Discover®Network and JCB® on your website (All from one application)
  • Linkpoint virtual check allows you to accept checks on the web safely with the power of Telecheck.

Support - "Someone will be there to help"

  • 24/7 customer support in 140 languages and dialects
  • View account activity online
    • is a dedicated website that allows you to access all processing reports online anytime, anywhere.

Application Fee   $95-$250 Non-Refundable   *FREE
Setup Fee   $49-$150   *FREE
Virtual Processing Terminal   $195-$495   *FREE
Online Checks   $300   *FREE
Web Shopping Cart   $300   *FREE
American Express Setup Fees   $25-$50   *FREE
Average Approval Time   1-2 Weeks   Same Day Approval
Technical Support Hours   8am-8pm Mon-Fri   24/7
Non-Swipe Discount Rate   2.95%   2.39%
Non-Swipe Transaction Fee   35-50 cents/transaction   $.25/transaction
Statement/Customer Service Fee   $12-$20/month   $9.99/month
Virtual Terminal Processing Gateway Fee   $35-$45/month   $14.99/month
*Offer Made By TOTAL BUSINESS, LLC Restrictions Apply, Please Call For Details

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